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Where Have All The Profits Gone?

Probably one of the hardest decisions a business owner makes is how much to charge for what they sell.  It’s a dance.  It often depends on the uniqueness of your product or service, your competition in the marketplace, and how much money you want to make. Things are different when you provide a service as opposed to selling a product,

Oct 12 2021
Sep 05 2016

You’re Facing an Audit?

The best way to prepare for an audit is to understand ahead of time that you ARE going to get

Apr 09 2016

Loaning Money to Your Customers

One summer, a young girl set up a lemonade stand at the end of her driveway. After several weeks, she

Feb 12 2016

Don’t Sign That Check – Yet!!

A small business owner arrives at the office to find a pile of checks on his desk awaiting his signature.

Dec 07 2015

The Cash Gap

How Big is Your Gap? Like many professionals, I try to leave my work at the office to make my

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