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You love doing what you do. But does your cash flow, monthly accounting process or profitability leave you feeling uneasy?

Do you spend time:

  • Thinking about how you’re not making as much from the business as you should?
  • Wanting to scale and grow your company, but worrying about balancing investment vs. risk?
  • Stressing about paying bills, meeting payroll, or giving your team well-deserved raises?
  • Worrying about how to finance family, college, and retirement?
  • Thinking how helpful it could be to have someone else take care of the tasks you don’t like doing?

We understand your pain. As a business owner, you simply can’t do it all yourself, and you likely don’t have real financial expertise — or even proper bookkeeping — in-house.

To get to the bottom of any of these worries, you need to understand your true costs. And that requires looking more deeply than the individual totals in your monthly P&L, AR or expenses.

If you want things to change, having straightforward information can go a long way toward helping you make better decisions.

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A part-time CFO from CFO Simplified analyzes the numbers behind the numbers so you know what changes must be made

Do you really know what changes you should make? Maybe — but maybe not.

A fractional CFO can give you a fresh, comprehensive perspective and often can see things you may be missing. More importantly, your new CFO can make needed changes happen.

That frees you to focus on what you and your company do best.

Think of how much faster you can move forward, with renewed confidence in your progress: We’ll produce financial reports, handle your monthly accounting, identify new operational efficiencies, and give you guidance on a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals.

Get all the advantages of a full-time CFO, with terms that are flexible and affordable.

Get Clarity On Financials
& Key Metrics

  • Receive clear, comprehensive reports on your business’ performance
  • Discover your company’s performance in every division
  • Develop effective cash flow management strategies through deliberate analysis

Gain Insight Into
Your Business

  • Review key financial information with your board, investors, and management team to optimize future decisions
  • Compare your current performance with plans for growth or improvement
  • Establish a single, dependable source containing your business’ key financial data

Make Data-Driven

  • Identify methods to improve your business’ performance using in-depth data
  • Access key metrics and financial information whenever you need it
  • Actively manage your business and make vital decisions with confidence

cfo services

As your outsourced CFO, we’ll deliver customized information about how your business is operating with specific insights on where to make improvements and the expert execution to make them happen.

Financial Reporting

We generate accurate, detailed reports that provide an overview of your business’ financials.

Cash Flow Management

Our team uses careful analysis to help you strategize ways to improve your business’ cash flow.

Performance Tracking

Stay atop of your business’ performance and determine how you can boost your productivity.

Strategic Planning

Our specialists help you navigate the market and create an effective business strategy.

Budgeting And Expense Control

Manage your business’ expenses and develop an optimal budget using our in-depth financial reports.

Organizational Leadership

Our CFOs are capable leaders and have first-hand experience in working with businesses across many industries.

Our Clients’ Success Stories


Cash Management Saves the Day

    • Problem
      Newly-purchased hardware store owner cut inventory purchases to build cash reserves. With less product to sell, cash flow shrank and sales plummeted.
    • Result
      • Generated cash for new inventory with Flash sales of old and slow-moving products
      • Marketing brought old customers back to see the “new” store
      • More cash came from impulse and markdown items
      • Sales volume was up 72% by end of first year


Financial Reporting Drives Good Decisions

  • Problem
    $45 million e-tailer’s financial reports showed months of solid profits, alternating with months of deep losses. Owners were satisfied until the company ran out of cash.
  • Result
    • Adjusted pricing based on profitability analysis of automated pricing model
    • Re-structured AP to long-term notes with largest suppliers
    • Renewed profitability generated enough cash to fund growth
    • 30% debt reduction in first year


Profitability – Identifying Real Costs

  • Problem
    $19 million specialty printer saw annual profitability shrink. When it had its first recorded loss of $125,000, operational changes needed to be made to turn the corner back to profitability.
  • Result
    • Corrected inaccurate cost estimates based on analysis of actual production costs, vs. prior estimated cost system
    • Production cost variances dropped from 35% to less than 5% within 90 days
    • Profitability improved from $125,000 loss in the prior year to a $410,000 profit


Why Choose Fractional CFO Services From CFO Simplified?


We are analytical, and therefore, the numbers will tell our CFOs the story. We make sure that you not only see the right numbers for your business, but understand what those numbers say about how your business operates, and additionally, how you can implement changes that improve your bottom line.


You need a fresh view of how your business operates. Our CFO services provide the experience and creativity needed to help you do things easier, faster, and more efficiently. This knowledge helps drive greater productivity throughout your business, resulting in greater profitability.


Our CFOs’ experience in a broad range of industries means that we are prepared to help any business reach their next performance peak. Our CFOs bring a breadth of experience, cross-industry and in different settings, allowing us to gather the right tools and resources to help your business grow.


Whether it is cash flow improvement, greater profitability, a stronger balance sheet, or a better understanding of how your company operates, we have the experience, knowledge, and creative approach to get your company to the next level. Our CFO Services can help you surmount any obstacles you may be facing.


Make a change that will positively impact profitability.
Get crucial information to make better business decisions.

How we Work With You

A deep-dive health check, execution and ongoing support

Get granular with a professional, outsourced CFO, and improve your financial results every month of the year.

How Our CFO Process Works:

1 Deep Dive Strategic Analysis:

CFO Simplified performs a one to two-day Health Check for your company. Included: An analysis of your company’s Financial Reporting, Month-End Close process, Operational Review, Workflow Analysis, AP and AR, Cash Flow Evaluation and Banking Relationship and much more. Plus, we interview your top management. The result: a written report including detailed and practical solutions that can be implemented.

2 Review of Deep Dive:

We review with you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. What are the things that you’re doing well, what are the things that you should look at changing over time, and what are the changes you should make right now because they are putting your company at risk or costing you money? This is a one to two-hour meeting with you and your team to discuss our findings.

3 Execution Plan:

We propose a plan to address the priorities we’ve identified. We tell you how much time it will take to bring those elements of your company’s operations up to speed with best practices. We identify how your staff will be involved in the process, and the financial impact of the implementation

4 Ongoing CFO Support:

Now that we know your company, we can identify how much time we feel it would take to provide you with ongoing CFO support. This includes dashboards, cash flow forecasting, trend analysis, and customized KPIs.

Learn how we comprehensively analyze your company’s financial health


Sandi Cohen, Human Resource Director
Helped us overcome some of our immediate challenges…

“Our Firm hired CFO Simplified to help us navigate during a critical juncture. From the outset, their team exhibited a solid understanding of our unique needs and the urgency of the situation.

They were able to jump in with both feet and helped overcome some of our immediate challenges, demonstrating a commitment to our success and working collaboratively with our leadership team and internal staff.”

Christine Terman, President & CEO
Freed me up to focus on clients and growth…

“We’ve relied on CFO Simplified’s fractional CFO services for several years for important monthly financial tasks – forecasting, budgeting, reporting and analytics. Their work gave us renewed clarity on our costs and how they changed over time, and in understanding the differences in managing our national and international income streams. When it was time to complete the buy-out of my business partner, CFO Simplified was there to help guide the process. Knowing that we have expert financial help in-house through their services has freed me up to focus on clients and company growth. CFO Simplified has proven to be reliable and a valued part of our success. I highly recommend their services to any business owner facing everyday accounting issues, all the way through to defining growth strategies.”

Chris Blake, President
The clarity and accuracy we needed…

“Having an expert, outside viewpoint gave us the clarity and accuracy we needed around our month-end closing process and KPIs, allowing us to get a more concise picture of our financial performance. The perspective and work done by CFO Simplified puts us in a better position to manage our business for future success.”

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