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Cash Flow Management & Improvement

Cash flow is a concern for every type of business – large or small. Many people live by the “cash is king” motto when it comes to successful business operations because it is challenging or impossible to run a company without access to sufficient, available cash.

Cash flow management seems like it should be obvious – ensure that your expenses do not exceed your available cash during any given week. However, we all know that circumstances change, and your company could face a cash flow problem at any point, if you have not put in the time for proper planning and forecasting.

CFOs can spend a significant amount of time working on cash flow forecasts and management, as well as seeking possible solutions to a cash flow problem. At CFO Simplified, we know that your company might not have the resources to dedicate solely to cash flow issues, so we provide part-time CFO services that include cash flow management. Contact us to speak with a representative about our services today.

Cash Flow Management Services

There are many expenses of operating a business that must be met, including rent, utilities, inventory, payroll, and insurance. It is critical to ensure that these expenses do not exceed the cash you have on hand at any given point. While this might seem like an obvious concept, cash flow problems are a major reason why companies fail, and many owners claim they never saw the problem coming. This is likely because they did not have the time or experience to dedicate to understanding their unique cash flow situation and forecasting potential problems down the line.

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How We Can Help

Our part-time CFO services include examining your current cash flow trends and using our state-of-the-art forecasting tools to ensure you have a financially healthy future for your company. We understand this takes time that company leaders often do not have, so we are here to assist you.

Our cash flow management services include:

  • Assessing how much cash you have on hand
  • Determining how much cash you need in the future, and when you’ll need it
  • Prioritizing your company spending
  • Accelerating receipts
  • Scheduling payments according to available cash

Cash Flow Forecasting

In addition to ensuring your current cash flow is managed, we also use special tools to forecast your future cash flow. This can help your business in many ways, including:

  • Giving you a realistic picture of future cash availability
  • Helping to manage spending
  • Identifying possible reasons for cash shortages
  • Addressing cash flow issues before they occur
  • Making sure you have enough money to operate your company profitably
  • Keeping investors, stakeholders, and the bank happy with the state of your business

Cash flow forecasting takes time, tools, and analytical skills that many company leaders might not have. It is imperative that you do not ignore cash flow management and forecasting, but outsource it when necessary. You should consider seeking help from a fractional CFO.

Learn About How an Interim CFO Can Help with Cash Flow Management

CFO Simplified provides part-time CFOs to serve your business as needed, including cash flow management services. Contact us to learn how we can help your business succeed into the future.

How can business owners better manage cash flow for their company?

Use tools to help you better manage your cash. A Cash Flow Forecast is the starting point. The best Cash Flow planning tool is the 13 Week Cash Flow Forecast. This is a complex set of spreadsheets that show the planning for every payment that you need to make, and every payment you’re going to receive. The greater the detail of the forecast, the more accurate it’s going to be.

How do I know if my cash flow report forecast is accurate?

The reliability of your cash flow report forecast is only as good as the accuracy of the data you use – expected cash receipts, operating expenses, payroll, and other cash obligations will show you whether you have enough to cover your obligations. An experienced CFO can help you identify all the factors that are influencing your cash flow.

How often should I update my cash flow forecast?

Any forecast needs to be monitored and updated. The Cash Flow Forecast is no exception. Tracking all the elements can be complex, and it should always be matched to the actual results for the prior period so that you can fine tune your results. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

When you meet our team of CFOs at CFO Simplified, you’re talking with executives that have over 100 years of experience. These CFOs have worked with manufacturing and service companies, family owned businesses and non-profits.

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