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Helped us overcome some of our immediate challenges…

“Our Firm hired CFO Simplified to help us navigate during a critical juncture. From the outset, their team exhibited a solid understanding of our unique needs and the urgency of the situation.

They were able to jump in with both feet and helped overcome some of our immediate challenges, demonstrating a commitment to our success and working collaboratively with our leadership team and internal staff.”

Sandi Cohen, Human Resource Director
Harrison, LLP

Freed me up to focus on clients and growth…

“We’ve relied on CFO Simplified’s fractional CFO services for several years for important monthly financial tasks – forecasting, budgeting, reporting and analytics. Their work gave us renewed clarity on our costs and how they changed over time, and in understanding the differences in managing our national and international income streams.

When it was time to complete the buy-out of my business partner, CFO Simplified was there to help guide the process. Knowing that we have expert financial help in-house through their services has freed me up to focus on clients and company growth.

CFO Simplified has proven to be reliable and a valued part of our success. I highly recommend their services to any business owner facing everyday accounting issues, all the way through to defining growth strategies.”

Christine Terman, President & CEO
Crystal Equation Corporation

The clarity and accuracy we needed…

“Having an expert, outside viewpoint gave us the clarity and accuracy we needed around our month-end closing process and KPIs, allowing us to get a more concise picture of our financial performance. The perspective and work done by CFO Simplified puts us in a better position to manage our business for future success.”

Chris Blake, President
Broadway Electric, Inc.

Met our short-term needs…

“CFO Simplified did a nice job of meeting our short-term needs: reconciling our general ledger, helping our accounting staff address some key issues after implementing new software, and identifying other areas of inaccuracies that needed attention. Plus, the mentoring that our staff received will be put to good use going forward.”

Lighting Manufacturer

Trustworthy and resourceful...

I always found Larry to be trustworthy and furthermore, very resourceful on all the projects that we worked together on.

Joseph Marzullo, Owner
Realization Advisors Inc

A dynamic and extraordinary manager...

Above all, Larry has always been a dynamic and extraordinary manager. His thorough knowledge of finance, technology and international business would make him a valuable member of any management team.

Frank Mahony, Vice President and CIO
Trellis Health Partners

Larry was very easy to work with...

My company provided computer support services to Larry’s client. Larry came up with the idea of interfacing his client’s two computer systems. Not only did Larry clearly state the objectives for the project, but he also made sure to keep his team involved so that they were a part of the project and its ultimate success. Larry was very easy to work with throughout this project. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Mike Tamburo, Owner
ConexNet Corporation

A pleasure to work with...

Larry and I worked together on a project based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our analysis included financial and operational procedures. We also operated the company while we marketed it for sale. We were successful in selling the company for a much greater amount than was originally offered. Larry provided good financial insight and was willing to do whatever it took to complete the project on time. He was a pleasure to work with.

Barry Davis, Owner
A Banking Consultant Cubed, Inc.

He is adept at strategic planning...

Larry has the ability to view situations at the macro or micro level. He is adept at strategic planning, cash flow forecasting, and business relationships but will not shy away from digging through details to obtain desired information. Larry is easy to work with, communicates well and is experienced in dealing with lenders and other creditors.

Mark Baum, Consultant
Moglia Advisors

I look forward to working with him again...

I found Larry to be a consummate professional in all of his dealings with the bank. I knew I could rely on his financials. Most importantly, I saw Larry as more than a CFO. His responsibilities were not limited to just finance, but included operations, purchasing, and legal matters. He handled each with a diligence and care that made him a valuable asset. I recommend Larry highly and look forward to working with him again.

Joseph Sheils, Senior Vice President
MB Financial Bank

Works easily with all levels within our company...

When he first came here, Larry rewrote our financials, adding more detail. For the first time, we are using the financials to identify areas in manufacturing that needed attention. His analysis has helped us highlight areas in the company where we can save money. He continues to provide valuable insight into our business. Plus, Larry is easy to get along with, has a friendly attitude, and works easily with all levels within our company.

Bruce A. Scott, President
Catty Corporation

Larry’s skills as a financial officer are quite unique...

Larry’s skills as a financial officer are quite unique. His talents extend far beyond simply being able to manage company finances. He is able to lead effectively in all areas of the company from the front office, to the warehouse, to computer operations. This well-rounded perspective is extremely valuable. He is a strong believer in using technology to improve the efficiency of an organization. I highly recommend Larry.

Mel Heckman, Owner
S2 Consulting, Inc.

Larry helped us become a healthy company...

Larry came to us at a time of extreme stress, when we were short of the working capital necessary to run the business. He took over as interim CFO, bringing a sense of confidence that we were going to survive. He helped us become a healthy company. I attribute a large part of this to Larry’s practical approach to dealing with banks and attorneys. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone that is dealing with these issues.

Mike Kuhns, CEO
MMG Engineered Components

I greatly enjoyed working with Larry...

I have worked with Larry on a number of different projects and transactions over a six-year period. Larry is very responsive and is extremely easy to work with on collaborative projects. Larry possesses strong analytical and communication skills. I greatly enjoyed working with Larry and hope to do so again in the future.

Dave Diehl, CEO
Prairie Capital Advisors

Always collaborative and therefore very effective...

Larry’s steady, unwavering approach to resolving difficult issues is always positive, always collaborative and therefore, very effective. He will always be at the top of my list when I need financial expertise to partner with on my projects.

Mallikarjun Balla, Manager

I highly recommend Larry...

I highly recommend Larry. He is a professional, hard working individual. We have done business together for over 20+ years.

Ilya Stolyar, CEO
International Computer Concepts, Inc

Larry has passion, patience and understanding...

I have had the pleasure of working with Larry Chester and his team on a number of difficult projects for my company. Larry has passion, patience and understanding while assisting us in moving our business forward. He always brought a professional approach to every situation and yet understood our thinking and helped guide us to “our” decision. I will always reach out to Larry and his team on any future opportunities.

Jim Cashmore
ISK Industries

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