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Flat sales • Shrinking profitability • Pricing & gross margin issues • Rapid growth • Succession planning • Funding complexities

CFO Simplified solves the problems AND the worries

A business man going over some paper work with multiple graphs and charts. Representing how one can benefit from calling a Chicago CFO firm.CFO Simplified begins each engagement with our unique “Deep Dive Strategic Analysis.”

We know the insight and value this focused financial review provides.  To make it available to more businesses, we are offering the Deep Dive as a standalone item during this difficult time, to allow you to see what needs to be done to improve your business, fine-tune operations, and tighten cash management, allowing your business to stand stronger in the months to come. 

But every time you walk in the door, you look at your company, financial reports, and operational workflow the same way.  You can’t help yourself.  You have a personal view of how things should work, and you’re comfortable, well, at least you were.

It’s rare to find a business owner who is an expert in every area.  Over time, you become blind to things that should be changed.  A fresh eye will give you the input you need to improve cash flow, eliminate wasted steps in operations, improve inventory management, tighten internal controls and improve cash management.  What business owner doesn’t want that?   

When you sign up for our Deep Dive, CFO Simplified will send an experienced Chief Financial Officer from our Team to your office.  


Our CFO will perform a one to two-day Health Check of your company. Included: An analysis of your company’s Financial Reporting, Month-End Close process, Operational Review, Workflow Analysis, AP and AR, Cash Flow Evaluation, Banking Relationship and much more. Plus, we interview your top management in addition to the accounting/finance team. The result – a written report with individualized recommendations- Just for you, about your company. 


We go the extra step to review the findings with you.  To ensure you aren’t left wondering what it all means. We set up a meeting to review the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. What are the things that you’re doing well, what are the things that you should look at changing over time, and what are the changes you should make right now because they are putting your company at risk or costing you money? This is a one to two-hour meeting with you and your team to discuss our findings. 


We propose a plan to address the priorities we’ve identified. We layout detailed steps to implement needed changes, addressing each shortcoming we’ve identified.  And we provide the timeline, under our guidance, to bring those elements of your company’s operations up to speed with best practices. We identify how your staff will be involved in the process and the financial impact of the implementation. This is your report, for your use, in a manner of your choosing. There is no commitment or obligation on your part.


Now that we know your company, we can identify how much time we feel it would take to provide you with ongoing CFO support after the issues identified in the Deep Dive Report are resolved. This includes dashboards, cash flow forecasting, trend analysis, customized KPIs, and analysis of your company’s ongoing monthly results.  We can also help you with budgeting and strategic planning in addition to an ongoing review and analysis of your company’s results as the business environment changes. 


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