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Menu Style Management

As corporate leadership has begun to shift away from Command and Control, I have noticed a surge in fear around the label “micromanager”. This is an important and well-justified concern as few behaviors kill motivation and engagement faster than micromanagement. Unfortunately, even though micromanagement is the speediest way to destroy morale, managers have found plenty of other ways to achieve

May 10 2021
Apr 15 2017

Your Business Financial Statements:
What You Need to Know!

Often, I meet with business owners that are embarrassed that they don’t understand the basics of Finance. If you don’t

Mar 18 2017

4 Ways That Financial Complexity Creeps Into Your Business

Small Businesses have very simple financial profiles. There are few employees, few products, and simple production processes. In Family Owned

Mar 18 2017

6 Steps to Managing Your Cash Flow

Everyone has a checkbook. If you think about it, your personal life operates just like your business, but it’s on

Feb 24 2017

Full Time vs Part Time

What Fits Your Business? Mid-sized businesses struggle with the issue of hiring part time people to staff their companies. Whether

Feb 24 2017

Your Financial Systems

Have you outgrown them? You have three financial systems operating in your company. You might not consider them all Financial

Sep 05 2016

You’re Facing an Audit?

The best way to prepare for an audit is to understand ahead of time that you ARE going to get

Apr 09 2016

Loaning Money to Your Customers

One summer, a young girl set up a lemonade stand at the end of her driveway. After several weeks, she

Feb 12 2016

Don’t Sign That Check – Yet!!

A small business owner arrives at the office to find a pile of checks on his desk awaiting his signature.

Jan 11 2016

How Do You Measure Up?

Each business is unique. This is especially true with small businesses, many of which have developed their own special processes

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