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Top 5 Outsourced CFO Companies in the U.S.

Author: Larry Chester

Business owners who are at the point in their growth where they know they need better strategic finance guidance but do not have an internal CFO, find they have a lot of questions about hiring an outsourced CFO company. When you are ready to make the leap toward a deeper financial understanding, it can be frustrating to understand what is out there. 

A simple Google search will show you ads galore for Outsourced CFO service providers. Dig deeper and you’ll have to sift through bookkeepers who have optimized for keywords like CFO and outsourcing but who do not provide a C-Suite-level team member to your company. The process can be daunting, and we know you have a lot on your plate already running your business. 

With the glut of information out there available to any searcher, we at CFO Simplified thought we’d do what our name suggests and simplify the process for you. Think we’re crazy for showing you our competition? Well, we are happy to have you here on our site learning about the steps you need to take to hire the RIGHT CFO for your company.  

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Outsourced CFO Companies in the U.S.


B2B CFO has offices across the nation whose expertise includes:

  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Help Companies Grow Profitability
  • Plan Strategically
  • Obtain Bank Loans
  • Increase Company Value
  • Prepare a Business to Sell

Sutker Advisors

Sutker Advisors serves the Middle-Market in Chicago. As CFO’s they pair expertise and implementation. Their process “Consistently delivers measurable financial and operational results.” 

CFO Selections

CFO Selections is a team of both CFOs and controllers. “They represent that best of the Northwest with decades of practical and professional experience in addition to extensive community involvement and a legacy of volunteerism.”  


NOW CFO has locations all around the U.S. and are a “roll up our sleeves” full service consulting firm with a singular focus on outsourced CFO, Controller, accounting and finance service needs.” 


Paro’s perspective on hiring a fractional CFO is, “The war for talent needs a new battle plan. Paro solved for this by freeing professionals from the confines of traditional work, in turn democratizing access to the business solutions that companies need.”

Which CFO should I hire for my business?

As you interview for the right fit for your company, be sure to ask these questions: 

  • How long have you worked as a fractional CFO?
  • Do you have expertise in one specific industry? 
  • How long will it take you to ramp up & start providing value?
  • How do you bill? 
  • Who is the employer of record for tax and insurance purposes? 
  • What if I want to hire you full-time? 

Download our checklist of questions HERE 

Hiring the right CFO can positively impact profitability with tangible steps that your team can understand. The relationship we build at CFO Simplified starts with a place at the C-Suite table and results in strategic insights that your existing accounting team can implement to make the right decisions based on the data your bookkeepers generate.  Learn more about the primary ways your company can benefit from a fractional CFO HERE

We’re not the right fit for everyone and not every fractional CFO provider is the right fit for you. 


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