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Nov 03 2018

When Are You Leaving, and Who is Taking Your Place?

I was visiting with a business owner the other day, and we were talking about his Cash Flow. The chart

Nov 03 2018

The Recession is Coming, The Recession is Coming – Part 1

The market has hit dizzying heights, the tax bill has boosted corporate earnings, and consumer confidence is up. The effects

Jul 24 2018

Manage by Exception

Every business owner is buried by information. There aren’t enough hours in the day to read, digest and then decide

Mar 20 2018

Why Bother With Trend Analysis?

The year is over. Your accountant did the hard part of creating the financial statements. You have the easy work

Dec 13 2017

6 Steps to Accurate Inventory

  Every company has some large assets that are critical to the strength and operation of the company. The values

Jul 21 2017

CFO or Controller – What’s the Difference?

Some small business owners have CFOs working for them. The owner is proud that he has prepared his company for

Jun 16 2017

Profitability Challenge
How does your business make a profit?

Of course, you know the answer! You buy raw materials, you pay your staff, rent and utilities and you sell

Apr 15 2017

Your Business Financial Statements:
What You Need to Know!

Often, I meet with business owners that are embarrassed that they don’t understand the basics of Finance. If you don’t

Mar 18 2017

4 Ways That Financial Complexity Creeps Into Your Business

Small Businesses have very simple financial profiles. There are few employees, few products, and simple production processes. In Family Owned

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