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BC to AD: COVID Sales and Business Environment

Contributing Author: Heather Jahnke

COVID-19 has changed the dynamic of human interaction in a personal and professional environment.  Society has begun judging time as life BEFORE COVID (BC) to AFTER Domestication (AD). Adapting to change has been the key to survival in the new COVID environment. When COVID first hit, many businesses’ focus was just surviving the transition to an all-remote environment. This meant shifting employees and the sales process to an all-digital business platform that created customer buy-in. Significant changes in the modern buyer have made older strategies like face-to-face consultations or live product demonstrations obsolete. Today’s sales teams need to make a rapid shift in their strategies that favor digital avenues when managing employees and customers. Organizations need to align their teams with their customers’ new digital journey. For example, virtual demonstrations or investing in new technological sales tools/platforms. The investment in a new, more digital strategy from both an employee and customer standpoint will be key for businesses moving forward. Start with evaluating your sales pipeline, then highlighting areas where you could make digital improvements/ growths that would benefit both your employees and clientele. For example, offering a single point, digital platform that is user friendly to both the employees and clientele.

Once an organization makes the digital shift in their strategies they will also have to prepare for the growing demand for empathy and building genuine relationships with their clientele base. You would think this would come as common sense to all sales reps, but we cannot assume. It has been predicted that customer spending is going to fall by around 50% during the “AD” period (the time after COVID). A study conducted by Neil Ringers found that clientele renewal was responsible for 78% of the sales conducted during the pandemic. This means that during the AD period your repeat clients are the ones that are going to drive the most value for your business moving forward. Build on those relationships already generated with your clientele and value human connection more than ever. Show customers that you understand their needs and how your company can help them obtain their goals.

Moving forward, businesses will have to transition into a new period of evolution preparing for the years ahead if they want to succeed. The key to success will be adaptability and avoiding pitfalls of life after COVID. The companies that will succeed during the shift from BC to AD will be the ones that are ready for a period of constant transformation and learning. Is your business ready for life after COVID?


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