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Start Off the Year with a New GPS

Contributing Author: Aimee Kuelling

As we enter a new year, really a new decade, the obligatory goal setting conversations have started and for some even ended. If you are like most people, me included, you will jump on board because we need goals to keep moving forward, especially in business.

This year, since it’s 2020, let’s challenge ourselves to take those goals and really bring them into focus. We’ve all heard of SMART goals – getting specific, making them measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. The trouble with SMART goals is there is no plan of action. All the ideas are there, but there’s no roadmap.

There is another concept for goal setting that provides a map by creating action steps to reach your goal. It is referred to as 1-3-5 or GPS. Like the GPS in your car, it provides direction by setting a specific Goal, developing Priorities to focus on and Strategies to reach the goal.

It’s simple. The main purpose is to provide clarity on where to focus. It keeps you from getting distracted and changing course all the time.

  • Identify one very specific goal that you want to accomplish
  • Set 3 Priorities that will lead you to reach the goal
  • Then, set 5 strategies (or tactics) for each Priority to get to THE goal.

The key is specificity.

Identify your Goal. Everyone wants to grow their business. Growing your business is not a goal, it’s a random answer you give when someone asks about your goals. Doubling your client base by the end of third quarter is a goal. From there it’s easier to break down the steps you need to take to get there.

Set 3 priorities that will make it possible to double your client base by the end of third quarter.
A few examples could be:

  • Increasing your networking activity to 3 times per week (to add to your potential client base)
  • Adding 4 new employees (to handle the increased client base)
  • Educate and Empowering all employees to promote the company in every outside interaction.

Develop 5 strategies to actively work on each priority. Simply saying you will increase networking to three times per week doesn’t magically get you networking. This is where the strategies help you stay on track. Below are a few examples for the first Priority listed above – Increasing Your Networking Activity.

  • Select the organizations that have the networking events that will be productive for you in meeting new prospects and referral sources.
  • Identify the dates and times of their upcoming meetings, and add them to your calendar
  • Know who your target is and learn about their ideal client too!
  • Share interesting stories that show how you can help companies.
  • Discover what is a solid referral source for them.
  • Give yourself tasks to complete before, during and after to ensure each interaction is successful
  • Brush up on your elevator speech
  • Brush up on your active listening. Prompt them to talk more, to identify how you can help them
  • Create and use a detailed follow-up plan
  • Create an ongoing follow-up plan to stay in touch with key strategic partners or prospects.

From your detailed GPS, you can set-up your weekly and monthly calendar with the steps to lead you directly to reaching your goal. How much happier will you be at the end of this year if you knew you took proactive steps all year long. Then, you can continue moving in the right direction – or make effective changes to get you where you want to go. After all, isn’t that what the GPS was invented to do? Where will your GPS lead you?


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