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Executive Recruiting Services

Recruiting the right talent for every role in your business is the single most important task a company can do.

Clients often tell us that they have trouble finding the right people for their executive-level and other specialized positions.  That’s because the best candidates rarely respond to job postings. In fact, the best candidates aren’t even looking for a job!

To find, hire and retain the best talent, we help our clients present their opportunity individually to “cherry-picked” candidates from the hidden talent pool.  And, it is extremely important for an employer to approach these candidates the right way.

CFO Simplified offers professional recruiting services to help clients find and hire the candidates they need. We bring skills and resources that our clients may not possess or that they don’t have the time to employ, which would enable them to attract, hire and retain the best people in their respective industry.

We guarantee every role we fill for the life of that position. Whether the individual we place is promoted, transferred, terminated or leaves voluntarily, and whether it happens 90 days after they are hired, or 5 years later, we will replace that person for a small nominal fee.

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Why Choose CFO Simplified for Your Recruiting Needs?

  • We partner with our clients, taking the time necessary to understand their culture and overall goals, and the type of candidate that will help them succeed.
  • We invest in real-time data for each and every candidate search to ensure up-to-date results to fill the role as quickly as possible.
  • We follow an industry-standard process that is structured and rigorous to find the right candidate for that role.
  • We are dedicated to finding the candidate with the skills, experiences and aptitude who will also be an excellent cultural fit for your organization.
  • You’ll have access to screened candidates from the hidden talent pool.
  • We manage the process by conducting interviews,  performing assessments and completing reference checks on your behalf.
  • We manage and negotiate offers on your behalf with expert negotiating skills and the most relevant salary information- We close candidates!
  • When necessary, our full-service follow-through provides assistance during any counter-offer stage.
  • We provide a LIFETIME guarantee on our placements.
  • We underwrite your roles and serve as your permanent recruiting resource.

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