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Jul 10 2023

You Have Chosen Wisely: Make a Trademark Search Part of Choosing a Name for Your New Business

Perhaps not quite as significant as Harrison Ford’s character’s choice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, choosing a name

Jun 21 2023

Who’s in Charge Here?

The Managing Partner of a multi-state firm with 37 partners had concerns about firm operations and its plans to grow

Jun 21 2023

When Does the CFO Order Office Supplies?

What happens when you combine an overworked CFO / office manager, a lack of assigned administrative responsibilities, and an old

Oct 12 2020

Immigration Law: The Top 4 Things Employers Need to Know

For the past 25 + years, I’ve represented employers and individuals when it comes to practically every aspect of immigration

Mar 09 2020

When Copyright Goes Wrong

Have you ever hired an independent contractor or outside consultant to create something? Maybe you retained a graphic designer to

Nov 11 2019

The Business Breakup: Founders Must Consider the Possibility of Divorce

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and founders of privately held businesses can be excellent at projecting and planning for the success of their

Jun 04 2019

Divorce for Business Owners

As emotionally trying as a divorce can be, owners of closely held businesses are faced with the additional pressure of

May 08 2019


What is a brand? There are many definitions of a brand, but I like this definition from serial entrepreneur and

Apr 11 2019

Taxes in Business Sales

For many business owners, the sale of their business is a once in a lifetime event, perhaps the culmination of

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