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Dec 13 2017

Quick Tax Hacks to Save Money This Year

  Nobody wants to pay more taxes than they need to. But this is a strange time of year in

Nov 16 2017

Doing 4 Things Will Lower Your Taxes This Year

It’s too late to reduce costs or increase sales if you haven’t been doing it all year. So how can

Nov 16 2017

3 Reasons for Year End Bonuses
Who’s Been Naughty or Nice?

It’s time for the holidays, and along with lighting candles and decorating trees, drinking mulled cider and champagne, it’s time

Oct 26 2017

Is Your Business Scalable? Prepare for Growth!

Scalability is the key to growing your business. How can you serve new customers, additional inventory and manufacturing space? Can

May 16 2017

Accounts Receivable
Six Steps to Managing Customer Collections

It doesn’t make any difference what you think, a sale isn’t a sale until you collect the cash.   So, how

Apr 15 2017

5 Ways To Manage Your Inventory And Improve Your Cash Flow

As a business owner, any improvements you make in Cash Flow Management are going to be based on three factors

Mar 18 2017

4 Ways That Financial Complexity Creeps Into Your Business

Small Businesses have very simple financial profiles. There are few employees, few products, and simple production processes. In Family Owned

Mar 18 2017

6 Steps to Managing Your Cash Flow

Everyone has a checkbook. If you think about it, your personal life operates just like your business, but it’s on

Apr 09 2016

Loaning Money to Your Customers

One summer, a young girl set up a lemonade stand at the end of her driveway. After several weeks, she

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