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Jun 14 2021

Plan Your Exit: 8 Paths to a Successful Business Exit Strategy

Plan Your Exit: 8 Paths to a Successful Business Exit Strategy Not every business owner plans for their exit, but

Dec 07 2020

4 Ways to Manage Change

Change is always with us.  Businesses that are not prepared for change will disappear, because buying patterns, the economy, your

Dec 07 2020

BC to AD: COVID Sales and Business Environment

COVID-19 has changed the dynamic of human interaction in a personal and professional environment.  Society has begun judging time as

Dec 07 2020

Hybrid Work At Home Is Here to Stay

Many of us have experienced a fundamental change in our business operations in 2020.  We were forced to, and for

Feb 03 2020

Is Humpty Dumpty Your Mentor?

When people talk about having all their eggs in one basket it can mean many things. A lot of times

Jun 25 2019

What’s it Worth? Value Drivers for Closely-held Businesses

As business valuators and advisors, we are often asked, “What can I do to make my company more valuable?” While

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