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Samuel Weiser

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Samuel Weiser is a dynamic and deeply experienced CFO who brings over 20 years of executive leadership know-how to the CFO Simplified team. He has worked with a multitude of private and public companies from a wide array of industries including Fintech, early-stage startups, insurance firms and multimillion dollar trust companies.

Sam has made a powerful impact on businesses such as Premier Exhibitions, Inc., where he successfully returned the company to profitability after nine years of losses through cost reductions and improved financial management.

Sam is savvy in building crucial business infrastructure and motivating professional teams so that they can implement strategies focused on tangible process improvements. Outside of his proven ability to grow stronger businesses from the inside, Sam has a knack for finding and securing start-up capital for burgeoning companies and expanding credit for multimillion dollar corporations.

We are very pleased to have his wide net of knowledge and versatile experience to round out our CFO team. With Sam at the boardroom table, our clients are sure to grow and succeed.

Samuel Weiser


  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Economics – Colby College
  • Master of Science (MS) Accounting – George Washington University
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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