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Paul McEntee

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Paul McEntee brings over 30 years of financial consulting experience to the CFO Simplified Team. He has successfully served as the CFO at many Chicago based companies.

One particularly notable career experience was when Paul served as the CFO for E. Kinast Distributors. He had the opportunity to take the reins in 2008, at a time when many companies around the world were facing the enormous stress of a difficult global recession. In spite of the complex challenge, Paul was able to build financial resiliency into the everyday processes and overall principles of the business’ operations. Kinast exited the recession as “one of the strong ones” during a historically tumultuous financial period. These times come and go, but as Paul understands, being prepared and strategic are the first steps business operators must take to beat adversity by building a resilient business.

Paul’s favorite part of his job at CFO Simplified is getting to know the people he is working with and helping them build on their already incredible journey to business success. Paul always appreciates the creativity, hard work, and commitment of the wide range of business owners, leaders, and CEOs who he works alongside. He enjoys the challenge of finding meaningful answers to the industry-specific challenges they face and jumps at the opportunity to help clients take their own unique organization to the next level.

Paul lives in a west Chicago suburb with his wife. When not working hard for his clients, and as weather permits, Paul enjoys sailing and golf, hiking, fishing and being outdoors.

Paul McEntee


  • MBA in Finance and Information Systems, University of Illinois – Chicago
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting, Loyola University – Chicago

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