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Corey Kibort

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Corey Kibort wears many hats at CFO Simplified and hopes to wear them with style (even though the remote nature of her work may make her look silly while sitting at a desk in her desk in her daughter’s play room). Corey’s professional background is based in education, and virtual assistance.

At CFO Simplified, she supports every member of the team and serves as a touchpoint in the company for established clients and new connections alike. Corey helps support the many behind the scenes aspects of running a small (but busy) business, including all aspects of operations, HR, recruiting, marketing, event planning and day-to-day correspondence with the many wonderful people connected with CFO Simplified.

And let’s face it, people matter most at CFO Simplified and building positive relationships in a business setting has always been important to Corey. That is why she prides herself on being the warm, friendly, and down to earth voice on the other end of the phone and always sending emails that convey an authentic smile, even when there is no grinning emoji attached.

When away from her desk, Corey is a mother of a 1.5 year old daughter. She likes reading, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Corey Kibort


Corey has 10 years of career-based experience in Education; and 1 year experience in Virtual Assistance helping small businesses.

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