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Aimee Kuelling

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Aimee started out as what we expected to be our Girl Friday, but thanks to her skills and the challenge of working for a boss with too many projects, she has become a much more integral part of the CFO Simplified team. With more than 20 years of marketing and project management experience she is easily able to hold her own among this seasoned team. She takes bits and pieces of information from phone calls, emails and video meetings to create everything from blog article outlines to strategic plans, she can even develop pieces to help potential clients understand how we can help them and find it interesting! If you liked a post on social media, there’s a good chance she posted it. From agendas, calendar and client management, emails, invoicing and meetings, she handles anything we throw her way. Typically, behind the scenes we can count on her to keep projects and processes flowing smoothly. Every team should have an Aimee, but you can’t have ours.

She currently splits her time between the cityscape of Chicago and the Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. When not at the office (working remotely) you can find her roller skating, hiking or discovering treasures at local shops and farmers’ markets.

Aimee Kuelling


  • Associate of Art: Rock Valley College
  • Bachelor of Arts: Communications: Judson University

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